Solo Repertoire


Foundational Solo Repertoire

Building a solid musical foundation is at the core of progressive learning. Before we can run we must walk. A flutists repertoire is vast, therefore not limited soley to this list.


  • Little Suite, Andriessen
  • Menuet in G, Bach
  • Gigue, Handel

Beginner Intermediate

  • A Treasury of Flute Music, L. Moyse/Schirmer
  • 40 Pieces in Progressive Order, L. Moyse/Schirmer
  • Telemann Sontata, L. Moyse/Schirmer
  • Handel Sonatas, L. Moyse/Schirmer
  • 24 Concert Pieces, Southern Music
  • Concert & Contest, Voxman
  • Album of Sonatinas, L. Moyse/Schirmer
  • Album of Sonatinas, L. Moyse/Schirmer

Intermediate Advanced

  • Suite Modale, E. Bloch, Broude
  • Suite in B-, Rampal/International
  • Telemann Suite in A –L. Moyse/Schirmer
  • Bach Sonatas, L. Moyse/Schirmer
  • Flute Music by French Composers, L. Moyse
  • Solo Works: Honeggar


  • J.S. & CPE Bach, Hindemith, Martinu, Piston, Copland, Franck Sonatas
  • Concertos: Mozart, CPE Bach, Stamitz, Devinne, Ibert, Reneicke
  • Flute Music by French Composers, L. Moyse
  • French Salon & Golden-Age Music, Borne
  • Solo Works by Ibert, Debussy, Mei, Bozza
  • Contemporary Music