Flute Ensemble

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Flute Choir is an instrumental chamber ensemble consisting of a musical range with extensions of the flute family, which could encompass the contrabass, bass, alto, flute and piccolo. Although a smaller group such as a flute quartet, depending on instrumentation can be considered a flute choir most flute choirs extend the melodic range of the group in either direction with the addition of “melody” flutes.

Why Play in A Flute Choir?

For fun, of course! This social perk aside, its musical and learning tool’s foremost benefit is providing precision on how to play in one’s own consort of instruments. Tuning, blending sounds, colors, dynamics, and strengthening rhythmic independence are important foundational skills that become more complex when playing with instruments outside a family of flutes, such as mixed chamber music ensembles and especially in an orchestra.

Music West’s Silver Whistles studio flute choir and its popular summer flute choirs provide much needed and hard to come by performing opportunities for young students and adult amateur flutists. While an orchestra may only take 2-3 flutes, there’s almost no limit to the amount of flutes in a flute choir!

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