Experience specialized, one-on-one lessons adapted to your learning style with personalized lesson assignments programmed towards your goals that prepare you for a remarkable future.


As a teacher, I provide artistic and personal growth for young musicians. As a chamber music coach I guide their ensembles towards unified interpretations of masterworks, helping students develop the ability to listen deeply to others as well as to themselves.

Coaching requires extensive knowledge of the chamber music repertoire, stylistic understanding, interpretive parameters and performance practice.

To be an effective coach one must possess the technical wherewithal and diplomatic finesse to affect positive change in an ensemble, no matter the circumstance with musical and interpersonal strategies to help a group of strangers work together quickly and easily.


September’s clinics and lecture recitals communicate an in-depth understanding of facets of her expertise on flute repertoire and pedagogy.

Clinics available for Jr.-Sr. High School Summer Camps & College levels:

  • The WOW Fact’r in Performance
  • A Moyse Make Over.
  • Tone Development Through the Larynx and Pharynx
  • An Anthology of “Pan” Repertoire in Flute History and Music
  • Canadian Contemporary Music and Art
  • The ABC’s and XYZ’s of Tuning
  • What a Conductor Wants; All State Competitions to Orchestra Auditions

September has been successfully training students for college entrance auditions for 35 years. Some of her former students are tenure track professors at universities, and play in professional orchestras or conduct high school bands. Having three music degrees, winning scholarships at several prestigious music schools and taken many professional orchestra auditions, September is well equipped to prepare others in this field.

Entrance to a good music school is competitive and involves a rigorous and sometimes expensive undertaking with attention to repertoire in the 2-3 years prior.

Diligent practice of mandatory audition repertoire (may be different per college) requires strict adherence to a personalized program set by the teacher of the most mainstream of etudes, orchestral excerpts and solos, some requiring memorization. Often, a recording done in a professional studio may be required.

The final process spans a year’s training and public performance on the material and may require the expense of flying and staying to audition over several days if entering the final round.

Essential to the process is an experienced teacher, who has undergone a similar rigorous endeavor.


Adjudication is a valuable component of the music education process. Benefits of evaluation critiques return the student back to the practice room with new insights and a clearer vision of the relative strengths and weaknesses of themselves. An experienced adjudicator offers:

Well-deserved praise and constructive criticism

Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses

Recommendations for improving style, technical and rhythmic precision

Recommendations for musical improvement and growth


September is available as a conductor for:

  • Flute Choir
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Other Large Ensembles