Louis Moyse


Louis Moyse (August 14, 1912 – July 30, 2007) was a famous French flute player and composer and the son of the influential French flutist Marcel Moyse. He was a co-founder of the Vermont Marlboro Music Festival. His first flute teachers were his father and Philippe Gaubert. Louis Moyse was a member of the successful Moyse Trio where his father played flute, Louis played piano and his former wife, Blanche Honegger, played violin.

His teaching appointments included 27 years at Marlboro College, Professor at Boston University and the University of Toronto. He continued giving private lessons in Westport, New York and later moved to Montpelier. He continued to give semi-annual master classes and concerts in his hometown, Saint Amour, France, until 2004.

Unofficially, he is considered the most prolific producer of flute music worldwide, publishing with G. Schirmer, Southern Music, Theodore Pressor, McGinnis & Marx, E. Henry David Music Publishers, LeDuc (France) and Zen-On Music (Japan).

Published Works


Original Compositions

  • Suite for 2 flutes and alto (1957)
  • Four dances for flute and viola (1958)
  • Wind quintet (1961)
  • Marlborian Concerto No 1, for flute,
  • English horn, and orchestra (1969)
  • First Sonata, for flute and piano (1974)
  • Introduction, Theme and Variation, flute and piano (1980)
  • Second Sonata, Op. 60, flute and piano (1998)
  • Trois Hommages, flute and piano
  • Two Miniatures, flute and piano
  • Impromptu in B-Flat Major, Op.142, flute and piano
  • Suite in a minor, flute and piano


  • Louis Moyse Flute Collection, Schirmer
  • 40 Little Pieces for Beginning Flutists
  • Flute Music By French Composers , flute and piano
  • Album Of Flute Duets, 2 flutes
  • Twelve Fantasias for Solo Flute
  • Solos for the Flute Player, flute and piano
  • Album of Sonatinas for Young Flutists, flute and piano
  • First Solos for the Flute Player, flute and piano
  • Little Pieces for Flute and Guitar, flute and guitar