The Coach

Often a private lesson teacher is a Coach. Coaching focuses on strengthening or eliminating specific behaviors that detract from a student’s performance or, strengthening those that support stronger performance with a given set of activities. Thus, coaching provides more immediate improvement in targeted areas rather than a long-term plan of developed education.

The Mentor

The impact of a mentor in shaping students can offer life-changing benefits in which mentees can become autonomous and self fulfilled artists rather than just good musicians.

Both mentoring and coaching offer incredible valuable developmental support, however mentoring offers high-level guidance for long-term development over and above the allotted hour session teaching curriculum-specific programs or giving general life advice.

  • Take a long-range view of your growth and development.
  • Help you see and plan for the destination
  • Provide foundational, progressive curriculum programs
  • Offer encouragement and “how to” advice.
  • Maximize this experience to reap full benefits.
  • Show gratitude and respect to your mentor.
  • Focus on being coachable.
  • Be open to hearing constructive feedback from me whether or not it’s positive.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or critiques.
  • Practice your skills as a good listener.
  • Specify goals you have, such finishing a program, entering a competition, learning specific procedures or processes, or preparing for a music school.
  • Check in often. You must participate and actively pursue learning.

The Bottom Line

While I can make a real difference in your achievements, you must come to the relationship with realistic expectations about your role and a willingness to work hard. While my guidance and wisdom now may not be felt for some years to come, you will realize its positive impact over time and go on to become a mentor to others.

The Foundational Process

Curiosity, self regulation, the ability to learn in a variety of ways, and a sustained use of learned information, are foundational processes that must be in place in order for young children to maximize their learning opportunities.

Music West offers a rich musical flute tradition dating back to 1800’s involving the total aspects to become a musician: theory, aural learning, an expressive palette of tonal and interpretation skills and virtuosos technique to support the playing of highly difficult but satisfying Classical flute repertoire, delivered through organized, foundational, progressive curriculum and honest, patient guidance.

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