A Conductor’s Role

The primary responsibilities of a conductor are to unify performers in an ensemble, shape the ensemble through various tempi, influence dynamics, control interpretation and stress metrical rhythm.

Importance of Teacher as Conductor

The private lesson teacher with band/orchestra/flute choir conducting experience will successfully coach their students in “how to” excel in ensembles with their inside knowledge of the unspoken secret of  “what conductors expect”, thereby giving their students an edge for success towards a place or win in an audition or competition.

Applying this information will help the student land a good placement in Advanced High School Band, All State Competitions and Youth Orchestra auditions, etc.. Moreover, this knowledge is imperative for those who have future prospects for Music College Entrance.

As a Teacher Conducting, Coaching Youth Ensembles is a Joy!

  • Civic Youth Orchestra Wind Ensemble, San Marcos, CA.
  • San Diego State University Flute Choir, San Diego, CA
  • Silver Whistles Flute Choir, La Jolla, CA
  • San Diego Coastal Flutes Flute Choir, San Diego, CA
  • Texas Flute Symposium Flute Choir, Commerce, TX
  • CICA Music Festival, Dallas, TX, Eureka Springs, AK
  • Trevisanni Summer Flute Course, Milan, Italy

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