5 Effective Practice Hacks – Building Reliable Habits

by Apr 22, 2017

1. Ditch the Distractions

  • Facebook, Email. Out of sight is out of mind.
  • Cultivate mindful, focused based, practice.
  • Slow down so you can think, study, analyze, locate mistakes and hear tuning.
  • Build attention endurance, an important performance skill.

2. Build a Habit

  • Practice daily at the same and best energy times.
  • After break return intention. Tag the next clean up spot to quickly get back to focus.

3. Avoid Perfectionism

  • Do a good job on everything daily to see advancement. Time and energy are limited.

4. Practice Specifics

  • Tone warm up that addresses lip flexibility, intonation, dynamics and color.
  • Cover fundamentals-scales and technique in patterns and etudes in all keys.
  • Repertoire-rhythm and passage note learning
  • Expression

5. Practice Correctly

  • Practice slowly, no matter the marked tempo, then increase speed.
  • Be able to play each difficulty 4X correctly, without hesitation.
  • Detectivefydetect and identify the problem areas, stop and fix.
Top Student Performers Versus and Less Successful Peers:

Top students use corrective methods. The biggest, impact of all strategic practice is the ability to self-regulate practice sessions and have the patience to slow down and play through without hesitation. Good practice habits will allow you to see your progress and help cultivate a gentle attitude towards yourself (versus negative self talk).

 Summarizing A Winning Strategy
  • Practice smart. Don’t play to win.  Practice to not to loose! End gaming, cutting corners and unreasonable demands will not cultivate a winner.
  • Winners cultivate mindful-practice, believe in themselves and go for it.
  • Winners see failures as steps towards learning.
  • Winners are not concerned what audience, their schoolmates or judges think. Winners dream big! They are committed to a life path’s work.
  • Winners believe they will eventually get where they want to go.

Are you on a winning path?